House in Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka

Style: Contemprorary
Area: 80 m²
Location: Kiev region

House for the young family from three persons. Client asked us to make a modern cozy interior. For the walls covering were used light pastel colors that blend perfectly with the wooden texture. On the floor we used ceramic tile with the wood texture imitation which we used on kitchen and living room, wooden shelves and panels pick up this theme. Monochrome colors is used in kitchen furniture in combination with gray facades 

 and veneer. The kitchen splash back is made from glass with LED lighting above.

For a bathroom design we used two types of ceramic tile. One with wood texture to support the general concept we used in area of the shower and sink. The second type of ceramic tile of gray color was used as the main color of the walls. 

For the living room, we decided to use veneer wall panels with two decorative elements with LED light stripes to create 3D effect, on the accent wall behind the sofa. Modular furniture on the opposite wall complements the interior creating a TV zone.